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Established since 2005 – Infratint celebrates its 17th Year in Operations in 2022!

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Hwee sheong KwokHwee sheong Kwok
06:39 24 Mar 23
This my 2nd visit to Infratint. Did it on my 1st car, their product are really effective. It keeps the cabin cool during my drive. It's also cool down the car faster when parked under direct hot sun.They are a great team. Pro and skillful at their work. Well done guys! Thank u and keep it up!!
Marcus TanMarcus Tan
05:59 21 Mar 23
I have heard about Infratint but had not used them before.I tried many other brands but quality was so-so.When I got my Telsa, I decided to just go with Infratint as heard so many many good reviews about them. The boss, Sherman was very friendly and patient BUT NEVER PUSHY. Never did he once push or pressured me to get his product.I am very happy with the service as well as the quality of the film.There are cheaper alternatives out there BUT the quality is totally different. Being there, done that so Infratint is the way to go.No point to waste money twice after you discover that the cheaper product is not that up to standard.
Alan YongAlan Yong
08:54 15 Mar 23
Sherman and team are very professional and knowledgeable when it comes to solar film. They took their time to explain to me the different levels of shades and ensure that I understand. 3 of my previous cars and current car is also done by Infratint and they will be my one and only choice when it comes to solar film. Keep up the good work, Sherman and team.
Terras14 TTerras14 T
06:08 08 Mar 23
Been using Infratint for more than 10 years for several cars. I am always satisfied with the workmanship and the heat reduction. After service care is also good. Had a friendly and experience team there and price is reasonable as well. Thanks Sherman.
Jo LeeJo Lee
08:39 07 Mar 23
Been coming here since 2015 and the quality of both the tints and after service has been top notch. Sherman has done tints for all 3 of my cars. I have also referred my friends to this place and they have never been disappointed.Keep up the good work!
Tat Eang TanTat Eang Tan
00:43 24 Feb 23
One word ! Perfect !I had my whole car solar film installation done few years back. Recently I replaced my windscreen. Boss Sherman able to retrieve my record and assist me professionally to install the new solar film on my windscreen. He gave me a returned customer price. He has an amazing team and they are experienced to install the film perfectly without bubble. This is indeed an experience automotive film company with more than 10 years in this line. I am satisfied and the money worth spent with this workshop.I would highly recommended any new car owners or you looking for solar film replacement. This workshop is the one to go ! You won’t regret it.
Calvin LowCalvin Low
11:07 09 Mar 20
Very professional and will treat your like their's, notice they put guard on the door to prevent it hitting against the wall. Speed and precision at its best. Definitely recommend to any guys who wants to do their film there.
Stedman LeeStedman Lee
11:01 09 Mar 20
They are really a bunch of professionals from the way they worked with at least 2-3 staffs working on one car. They leave no spots untouched and are very detailed on their job. They showed patience towards their job and you can really feel assured as they will produce the finest job with a satisfying finishing touch to your car. A nice and cozy environment with soothing music to relax while waiting for your car. Quality is really value for money and it's really worth the wait even if there are many cars in the queue. Thumbs up guys for the great and satisfying work. Will definitely strongly recommend to my friends and to those who are reading this.
Andy KhooAndy Khoo
22:34 25 Feb 20
I would like to recommend infratint, they are professional, fast and very punctual and will finish within the time they give. After doing the film the car feel more cooler inside and no more scorching sun. Thanks Sherman and team keep up the good work.
Ariel WAriel W
16:50 09 Feb 20
great service and product - sherman and his team spared no effort in getting the job done right and without any prompting from the customer.. they were constantly checking their work and clearly have very high standards. completely satisfied!
Ng Kok LeongNg Kok Leong
02:58 05 Feb 20
The customer service by infratint is of top grade.Well explained on the product and advise given by Sherman. And good workmanship by the team.The car is much more cooler then before.Only regret is didn't went to Sherman earlier.Endure the heat for so long......
Di Hao YipDi Hao Yip
01:56 02 Feb 20
The boss takes time to explain the different kind of tint he has for you. The crew is professional and will not hesitate to remove the whole tint if it is anything less than perfect. Takes about 1 hour to tint the whole car. The only reason why it is not 5 stars is that even though appointment was made but is still on a first come first serve basis.
public figure bllogerpublic figure blloger
16:19 28 Jan 20
It have own history i dont know more about that
Cheah Seng KaiCheah Seng Kai
01:49 22 Jan 20
Went on 18 Jan 2020 Saturday morning to do up the film. Infratint Staff were friendly and explained the various film to me in details. They also explained which are the film that I should use that could comply with LTA regulation as my stock Honda has black window, i could not use certain film. About 3 people were working on my car and it was quite efficient and fast. Took them about 2 hours plus to settle. So far no bubbles or any issue after installation. Very happy about it. Heat was cut down to some extend way better than what my PI has installed for me.Keep up the excellent work ^^ Happy Chinese New Year to all of you!
JQ PhanJQ Phan
14:24 16 Dec 19
Before you purchase they will make sure all details is made known to you and no hard selling at all. It’s all logical selling at your own comfort. Level of details and explanation is excellent. Staff were been helpful and they will try to meet your request whenever they can. Warranty is digitalis and you won’t need to keep a copy of the receipt. In a layman way of saying, your car is in good hands. Highly recommend!
yzong .yzong .
06:44 11 Dec 19
Found this car tinting service company from SGCarmart which is Star Merchant 2019. The sales and installer provided explanation on different tint film available and we decided on the tint film according to our budget.Tinting completed in 2 hours.
Ethan HeEthan He
15:30 20 Jul 19
Sent my brand new skoda kodiaq for tinting. It was a busy day. Regardless, the staff was patient at explaining the different ranges of products.I signed up for the Platinum99. Tinting was done efficiently and professionally. I was updated along the way of the estimated time of completion.My compliments to Sherman for the prompt replies on whatsapp. He was accommodating despite me arriving an hour late due to last minute errants I had to fulfill. Been parking my suv outdoors for hours these last few days with temperatures rising to 34-35C in the mid afternoons. The difference (compared to my previous car with oem solar films) was night and day! It was warm sure, but not "oven unbearable" levels like the previous.I will certainly be recommending Sherman and his crew to my friends and colleagues. Great crew and products 👍
05:27 30 May 19
Brought my brand new X3. Great service and explanation on the different tints available. Installation was done perfectly and fast!
Patrick LaffeyPatrick Laffey
07:56 17 Nov 18
The Infratint team was amazing. Sherman answered all my questions before I decided to go with Infratint. They have a range of films to meet different needs and budgets. They completed the job quickly while I waited. A few, little water bubbles were visible for a day or two, but they disappeared after a few days (and that is normal). Several weeks later, not a single issue with my films. Great product and team! I recommend highly and would absolutely go back again!

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Car Solar Film Details

Extreme Heat Protection Developed and rigorously tested and in the USA and custom-developed for Asia’s searing heat and humid weather. Our films stops searing heat fast and cools down your cabin extremely efficiently.

Uncompromised Night-Time Clarity Our range of solar films performs well into the night unlike other films – providing you extreme clarity without the compromise of vision.

Shatter Resistant Properties Glass protected with our solar films reduce the risk of shattering when there is an accident – enhancing safety for you and your loved ones.

LTA-Compliant Films Pass all of LTA inspections without worry. Our films are tested and proven with the largest range of options available. 

Tint off Heat, Not Signals Our films do not impact any existing devices like mobile phone usage. Transmittable to all road system devices including Fast-track, SmartTAG, ERP, etc.

Signature Craftsmanship Each of our team members have at least 7 years of custom cutting, application and removal of films in a wide variety of vehicles. We do things the right way without any shortcuts. 

Learn more about PLATINUM99 Ceramic Car Solar Film

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Infratint Main EntranceOur car solar film and window tinting installation center is located at 32 Old Toh Tuck Road, Ibiz Centre, Singapore

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Frequently Asked Questions

People Also Ask

How much does it cost for car window tinting in Singapore?

Our complete car solar film packages start from $288 which includes all driver and passenger windows. This is not inclusive of the sunroof which is charged separately. There are varying grades of shades we carry in-house.

Where is Infratint located?

We are located at 32 Old Toh Tuck Road, Ibiz Centre, Singapore. You can also call us at  9456-0888.

What are your opening hours?

We are open Monday to Saturdays from 10am to 6pm. We are closed on Sundays. Please call us to make an appointment prior to visiting as we may be quite busy with other vehicles.

How long does installation take?

Our car solar film installation usually takes between 2-3 hours on average (usually faster if there is an immediately slot).

Can you give me a discount?

Our prices are nett, however if you are a repeat customer of Infratint, we can discuss this in person to make sure we are able to provide the best value possible.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept cash, visa, Mastercard, American express and union pay.

Can you pick up my car for installation?

Sure, it’s not an issue. Just let us know where and when, and we will arrange for our team members to safely pickup your vehicle and deliver it back to your home or office.

Can you send in my car for inspection?

Sure, however this depends on the availability of our team members and is dependent on a case-by-case basis. We will often do our best to assist in this department.

Can you install the film on the outside of the car?

No, all of our solar films are installed on the inside of the vehicle.

I have an existing film by company XYZ. Can I add-on your film as an additional layer?

No. We will have to remove the existing film, do a chemical wash to remove all the existing installation glue and debris before installing our solar films.

Do i need to make an appointment?

We strongly advise you to call 9456-0888 or WhatsApp us prior to visiting as we may have existing cars that we are working on. We don’t want you to wait around unneccesarily.

What does UV and IRR mean?

Ultraviolet (UV) rays are electromagnetic radiation that comes from the sun and Infrared Radiation(IRR) is the emission of heat energy. We use these terms in our website to describe heat and how we can protect you using our solar films.

What effect does UV rays have on my body?

UV rays can cause damage to your skin such as sun-burn through overexposure. This causes premature aging, and skin cancer are side effects of not protecting yourself adequately.

Do you do other services such as car wrapping?

No, we are focused purely on car solar film installation and removal only. We do not do car wrapping services.

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