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All-Round 99% UV Ultra-Heat Protection Starting from Just $288

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Protected with PLATINUM99 Ceramic Solar Film

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Maximum All-Round Heat Protection with 99% UV and Infrared Rejection

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ULTRA Heat Reduction & I.R Rejection

Developed and Rigorously tested and in the USA and custom developed for Asia's searing heat and humid weather - INFRATINT's films are crafted with highly durable compound materials that has both excellent clarity and superior heat reduction qualities.

Proven consistently to perform with the highest efficiency in heat rejection and with maximum infrared rejection.

Legally Compliant with Regulations

Our range of films are not just efficient in reducing the amount of heat in-cabin, they are also LTA-approved and will pass regular inspections.

We also carry Enhanced Privacy Films which are darker in nature and carry a wide range of films for every unique owner’s preference and enjoyment. 

One-Piece Installation

Professionally installed by our trained specialists with over 10 years of hands-on experience, fitting perfectly even on curved windows - we mark, custom cut to perfection - each and every time.

Satisfaction absolutely guaranteed.

Tint off Heat, Not Signals

Our films do not impact any existing devices. Transmittable to all road system devices including Fast-track, SmartTAG, ERP, etc.

EyeSight Systems and Native Camera systems? No problem!

Short Installation Downtime

 It usually takes less than 2 hours on average to complete your vehicle. Our team of specialists focus their complete attention to a single area of your vehicle to ensure each area is done right and perfectly the first time.

We also install our performance solar films on your vehicle in a sealed, dust-free environment.

Over 14 Years of Hands-On Experience

We have hands-on experience and insight from installations on over 25,000 vehicles in our 14 year history since 2004. Our team of in-house specialists have at least 7 years of working experience each.

7-Year Warranty

Our Platinum and PLATINUM99 Ceramic range of films carry a guarantee of 7 years. 

While rare and it seldom happens, if you notice any defects after installation, come back and let us rectify it - no questions asked.

LTA Approved & Compliant

PLATINUM and PLATINUM99 Series "CLEAR" versions available - Guaranteed to pass all regulatory requirements.

Interior View

Viewing clarity is unaffected with our films - just cooling bliss!

Complete Sunroof Protection Coverage

Enhanced Privacy Options

PLATINUM and PLATINUM99 Series "DARK" versions are also available for enhanced Privacy.

Porsche Cayenne

Aston Martin Vantage

BMW 5 Series

BMW 5 Series Rear

Bentley Continental Cabriolet

Audi Q8 SUV

We cater to all of our customer's personal preferences and discretionary choices.

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Rates & Fees

SMOKE Package

99% UV Protection

  • 15~30% IRR
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Full Car Installation
  • SUV/MPV +$50
  • Sunroof +$100~200

99% UV Protection

  • 30~60% IRR
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Full Car Installation
  • SUV/MPV +$50
  • Sunroof +$100~200

PLATINUM99 Ceramic

(Max Heat Rejection)
99% UV Protection

  • 80~99% IRR
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Full Car Installation
  • SUV/MPV +$50
  • Sunroof +$100~200

Windscreen Only

Front 3 Only

Front 2 Only

Sunroof Only

No GST Charged. All payment options available.

Interest free installments available with Citibank and Standard Chartered Card holders. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between your packages?

The difference between the 4 packages is the level of IRR, ( Infra-Red Rejection). Basically the higher the level of IRR%, the more the heat rejection capability of the film. With a higher IRR% figure, you will feel cooler and more comfortable. Please note that the IRR% got nothing to do with the tint level (light or dark) before or after installation.

What are your Warranty Policies?

We offer 2-7 years depending on the film package(See above). While unlikely, if a bubble(s) or any other defect ever appears during the warranty period you can come in for free immediate rectification by our film specialist team.

How long can I not wind down my windows after installation?

You should not wind down your windows for at least 48 hours to allow the liquid and adhesive to dry completely.

How does brand X compare to your INFRATINT range?

Our company policy does not permit us to comment on other brand's products.  So far most of our customers feel that our product serve its specific purpose and they like our workmanship and details. That said, it's best you come by our work space to check out the film and heat rejection in-person and decide if that's the ideal solution for your car. We've installed our film on thousands of cars mainly from customer recommendations and referrals. 

What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT)?

VLT ( Visible Light Transmission) is used as a metric to determine how much light able to pass through the windows. IRR ( Infra Red Rejection) is used as a guide to the level of heat rejection. The higher the IRR% the cooler and more comfortable you will feel in the cabin.

How long is the installation downtime?

Typically 2 hours or less (if there is an available free slot). It's good if you can call us 6684-5330 or 9456-0888 in advance first! 

Do you do car film wrapping or headlight tinting?

No, we focus purely on window tinting and installation. 

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