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Hyundai IONIQ 5

HYUNDAI IONIQ 5 and a MASARATI GHILIBI here for Infratint  VOLVO XC60, VW GOLF and a MERCEDES-BENZ E200 here for Infratint  Another MERCEDES-BENZ CLS is here for Infratint  MAZDA 5 MPV here for Infratint  BMW X1 and a MASERATI GHILIBI here for Infratint  BMW M4, IS300, IS250, BMW X1 here for Infratint  Another M4 reaches […]

Volvo S60 and other models

VOLVO S60 here for Infratint  BMW 4 SERIES and VOLVO S60 here for Infratint  MERCEDES-BENZ C160, BMW 420, AUDI A5 next for Infratint  BMW M3 here for Infratint  MINI COOPER COUNTRYMAN and MAZDA 6 is here for Infratint  MERCEDES-BENZ C180 SHOOTING BRAKE here for Infratint  Another BMW 740 here for Infratint  NISSAN NOTE and MASARATI […]

Mercedes-Benz E Class and other models

Mercedes-Benz E Class getting ready for Infratint BMW X1 and M3 here for Infratint  BMW’s and VOLKSWAGEN here for Infratint  Another BMW 2 Series GT here for Infratint  TOYOTA HIACE, JAGUAR I-PACE, Mercedes-Benz C Class, AUDI A3 and a MASERATI LEVANTE here for Infratint  Luxurious MASERATI LEVANTE after a dose of Infratint Platinum99. Looking and […]

Tesla M3 and other models

Another Tesla M3 and Toyota Camry here for Infratint Another Audi Q3 here for Infratint Another Tesla M3 and Honda Fit here for Infratint Another BMW 530 getting ready for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely Next Honda HRV getting ready for Infratint BMW 435 and BMW 740 here for Infratint. Working on Something that we are very […]

BMW F10 and other models

BMW M4, AUDI A6, NISSAN URVAN, LAND ROVER, BMW 730LI getting Infratint Another BMW F10 here for Infratint VW Jetta and AUDI A4 here for Infratint MASARATI QP, VW GTI Mercedes-Benz V250D here for Infratint TOYOTA NOAH, AUDI Q3, MASERTI QP here for Infratint Another Toyota Sienta here for Infratint Brand new Kia NIRO come […]

Mercedes-Benz C Class and other models

Mercedes-Benz C Class, LEXUS ES300H and RANGE ROVER DISCOVERY here for Infratint From full car tint or just the front windscreen. We do all. Contact us for your window tinting needs at 94560888 AUDI A6, MAZDA CX 5 and Mercedes-Benz B180 getting Infratint We love what we do at Infratint HONDA STEPWAGON getting Infratint BMW […]

Honda HRV and other models

Brand New Honda HRV getting ready for Infratint to fend off this Hot and Humid weather BMW 630 GT, Subaru WRX and Honda HRV getting Infratint The new BMW 630GT is here for Infratint. The installation is completed within 2 hours by our professional Tinters. Platinum99 was chosen for this job for maximum heat rejection. […]

Audi A4 and other models

Audi A4 here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely MB CLA here for Infratint Toyota Altis and BMW X5 getting ready for Infratint To make an already very mean looking MB C Class meaner with Infratint. Thank you for being with Infratint Mr AW Yong with his Honda Shuttle at Infratint. Platinum99 definitely Infratint Test and Proven […]

BMW X3 and other models

Infratint for this Audi Q3 and BMW X3. Platinum99 definitely. Toyota Camry, BMW G30 and a Nissan Qashqai ready for Infratint Next on our to-do list, the Peugeot 5008 and Lexus ES250. Rest assure for outstanding craft by Infratint This morning Job with be getting a BMW 520 and Ford Focus equip with Platinum99. Work […]

BMW 528 and other models

BMW 528 Last min appointment with us for Infratint. Yes we will still take in. Fresh month. First car to have Infratint Platinum99 is this BMW F30 Another BMW with Infratint . Z4 next Next car going for Infratint will be a Maserati Ghilibi and a BMW 535 Honda Fit and a BMW 630 cabriolet […]