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Maserati GT and other models

More cars with Infratint. Next on our to do list, will be a VW Tiguan with Infratint Platinum99 definitely. As for Infratint, this 15 years we done countless continental. JDM’s and Koreans makes. Today another BMW 216I adding on to our list. Platinum99 FTW. Huge comfy S Class here for a dose of Infratint magic. […]

Subaru Forester and other models

Mr Richard contacted us yesterday to enquire about our product. He then immediately made an appt with us for this morning. Platinum99 was chosen for his Subaru Forester. Next on our job list for today will be a MB GLC 43 and a BMW F30. Get protected from the heat and glare with Infratint. Call […]