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Mercedes-Benz C180 and other models

MB C180 with Infratint. Platinum99 definitely. Next will be a BMW 430 cabriolet going for Infratint Platinum99. A very neat looking unit with us. Another BMW with Infratint. Today is a BMW 640 GC with Platinum99 selected definitely. Different shades of Blues at Infratint. Thank you for coming. Who doesn’t like GTR? Another BMW 7 series […]

Toyota Vios and other models

We can do all makes and models of cars. No problem for us. Talk less do more. Volvo XC60, MB GLB200 and BMW 435C all full car tint, Toyota Vios 1 rear windscreen to be done. Thank you for coming to Infratint. A very nice looking VW Scirocco getting ready for Infratint. Next will be […]

Subaru XV and other models

Infratint tested and proven. Call us at 94560888 for your window tinting needs. Yes. We only specialize with window tinting for cars for the past 15 years. No other services. 530 done. Infratint Platinum99 definitely. Last car for today. A Subaru XV. Platinum99 definitely. Honda Shuttle getting ready for Infratint Platinum99. Another brand new GLB […]

Renault Megane and other models

Renault Megane getting ready for Infratint. Max heat rejection and Visibility with Infratint. Tested and Proven. Toyota Hiace with Infratint. Next will be a Jag. Sporty looks CLA 35. With Platinum99 definitely. JCWC new car division sent their Porsche Macan for Infratint. Rest assure that all will be at it best. Ok, start working, More cars […]

Toyota Camry and other models

This morning, Toyota Camry and a brand new MB GLA. Marvel style C coupe with Infratint. Can’t get my eye off you. Another Toyota Camry and Audi A4 getting ready for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely. All here for Infratint. We love what we do. HONDA Civic and a Mazda RX8. Betsafe 535 SW. F80 M3 done. […]

Porsche Macan and other models

Here we go again at Infratint. Another Porsche Macan and a Honda Odessey coming to us for Infratint. The latest Mercedes-Benz CLA looking sharp with it sleek body line. We Can’t stop looking at it. With Platinum99 Window film on it looking even sharper. Thank you Mr Simon Tan for coming to us for your […]

Porsche Carrera GTS and other models

We are ready to install Infratint for Toyota Veilfire and VW beetle today. Rain or Shine , we keep going at Infratint. Another MG HS with Infratint for Infratint Platinum99. New car best investment. Another 2 Mercedes-Benz need to be installed with Platinum99. Honda Vezel and a Porsche Carrera GTS. Cool looking Audi A3 and […]

Audi Q5 and other models

Window tinting is what we do at Infratint. Yes. It a full house at Infratint. New week. First car was this BMW 520. Platinum99 definitely. Another Audi Q5 going for Platinum99. BMW 218 getting ready for Infratint. Sporty looking MB CLA, going for Infratint Platinum99 definitely. Another Merc with Infratint. DoIng up window tinting for […]

BMW 216 and other models

BMW 216 and a Toyota Alphard going for Platinum99. Tested and proven by many car owners over 15 years. Cars with Infratint always looking better. Another BMW 216 with Infratint. We done countless of them. Easy peasy for us. Porsche Cayenne and a BMW M3. So many nice cars with Infratint. We love our job. […]

Maserati GT and other models

More cars with Infratint. Next on our to do list, will be a VW Tiguan with Infratint Platinum99 definitely. As for Infratint, this 15 years we done countless continental. JDM’s and Koreans makes. Today another BMW 216I adding on to our list. Platinum99 FTW. Huge comfy S Class here for a dose of Infratint magic. […]