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Audi Q7 and other models

Brand new Audi Q3 and Q7 here for Infratint  Another Toyota Camry here for Infratint  Toyota Camry, Kia Stonic and the giant Picasso C4 here for Infratint  Cars with Characters. Tesla Model 3 and Mini Cooper Countryman  BMW 8 Series here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely for the Black Beauty BMW 216I next for Infratint  Mercedes-Benz […]

Mazda CX-9 and other models

Honda N Van, Mazda CX-9 and a BMW 116D here for Infratint Another Tesla M3 here for Infratint BMW F10 next for Infratint PORSCHE TURBO, MERCEDES-BENZ GLA and a AUDI R8 here for Infratint Brand New Mitsubishi L200 here for Infratint Mazda 3 and Toyota Wish next for Infratint ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE here for Infratint

Mercedes-Benz S350 and other models

HYUNDAI IONIQ 5, TESLA M3, HYUNDAI AVANTE, CITROEN C4and a MERCEDES-BENZ S350 here for Infratint Another Mini Cooper S in da house for Infratint Matt Black dudes in da house. Honda Civic and Mercedes-Benz E63 here for Infratint Another Mercedes-Benz C180, Honda Odessey and Teala M3 here for Infratint Hyundai Santa Fe and the Toyota […]

Volvo XC90 and other models

VOLVO XC90 and Mercedes-Benz C180 getting ready for Infratint Toyota Camry, Mercedes-Benz CLA, Toyota Sienta here for Infratint VW Sharan, BMW Z4, Audi A4, BMW 216 here for Infratint Toyota Previa, Old School Honda Civic EF, BMW F30 and Porsche Panamera here for Infratint.

Mercedes-Benz E Class and other models

Working on a Mercedes-Benz E Class with Infratint Honda Civic and a BMW X3 next for Infratint Subaru Legacy window film refresh with Infratint Kia Cerato upgraded to Infratint performance window film for maximum heat rejection Another BMW here for Infratint. Beautiful Wagon A gentleman looking Volvo V90 here for a dose of Infratint Platinum99 […]

VW Touran and other models

VW Touran here for Infratint Mercedes-Benz GLA200 next for Infratint Another TESLA M3 and Audi A5 reaches us for Infratint BMW 6 Series here for Platinum99. Thank you once again for coming to Infratint Toyota Altis here for Infratint. Work started Tesla and a Mercedes-Benz CLA here for Infratint Another Mercedes-Benz here for Infratint PORSCHE […]

Hyundai Avante and other models

Mercedes-Benz A45 and 2 X Hyundai Avante here for Infratint 2 X Tesla’s here for Infratint The Mighty BMW 7 series here for Infratint. Platinum99 definitely Starting our week with a PORSCHE PANAMERA and TESLA M3. Another Honda Steam here for Infratint Toyota Camry and Honda Odessey here for Infratint Another Tesla M3 and Mercedes-Benz […]

VW Tiguan and other models

BMW X3, VW Tiguan and a Mercedes-Benz C200 here for Infratint Mercedes-Benz C Coupe, BMW 216 GT, LEXUS 450H here for Infratint Legendary Mitsubishi Evolution and Power Pack Tesla here for Infratint Huge VW SHARAN getting ready for Infratint Another VW Scirocco and VW Tiguan here for Infratint The mighty Land Rover next for Infratint […]

Hyundai Avante and other models

Great start for NOV. Mercedes-Benz GLA 200, Brand New BMW 420, Hyundai Avante and a Toyota Noah here for Infratint Another Tesla M3, BMW 420 and Mercedes-Benz GLA here for Infratint Another Porsche 911S and Tesla M3 here for Infratint Another Tesla M3 and a Mazda here for Infratint Another BMW 1 Series here for […]

Hyundai Elantra and other models

Starting our day with a Hyundai Elantra and Peugeot 308. Toyota Axio and Mercedes-Benz C180 next for Infratint Overwhelming response for Infratint Platinum99 Subaru Forester, Honda Jazz, Audi A4 Bossy Mercedes-Benz GLS turn up for Infratint Another Mercedes-Benz E-Coupe and  VW Golf here for Infratint Last min appt at 6.10pm. It over our working hour. […]