PLATINUM99 Ceramic Solar Film Package 2020

No More Scorching Sun, Hot Seats & Sweaty Backs... Discover The Most Popular Must-Have Highest Impact, Vehicle Upgrade for All Drivers In Hot and Humid Singapore

The Road-Legal, Premium Grade Anti-Heat and 99% UV Shielding

PLATINUM99™ Ceramic
Performance Solar Film
2018 ~ 2020 Best-Selling, 99% UV Rejection, Highest Infrared Heat Shielding System

Discover why 2,500+ car owners gave it97%+ Satisfaction Rating (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)

"This isn't some kind of psychological effect because my girlfriend and parents have also been commenting on how surprisingly cool the car is despite the hot weather. This is the place to go. No doubt." - JulesK

"Overall very satisfied with their service and the solar films installed. Greatly reduce the heat goes into my car. Great job!"  - Ben Lee

"Price is very attractive and end result is simply smashing!! Well done to the team, and I am sure to come back for all my cars!!" - Samsung77

"Unbelievable workmanship and skill, nothing was rushed and every action was efficient and precisely calculated. The end result was an almost flawless application, no problems with the door panels or side speakers they took out and whatsoever there was." - Silentnocturne

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8 Year Star Merchant Award Winner 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020

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SGCarmart Consumer Reviews

SGCarmart Consumer Reviews

Extreme Attention to Details We custom measure and cut to fit perfectly

Craftsmanship is equally as important as the product itself

Deep understanding of various model installation challenges

Family Cars to Luxury Exotics...we've worked on them all!

Extreme Clarity with no warp/distortion

Anti-Glare Option

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Sunroof Installation Required?

PLATINUM99 Ceramic High Performance Solar Film Features

  • 99% UV and IRR Protection

  • Multi-Layered Film with Highly Reflective Compound

  • Faster Cooling Cabin on Hot Days

  • LTA-Approved – Hassle-Free Ownership

  • Custom-Cut to Measure Perfectly

  • Single-Piece Installation

  • Extreme Clarity with Clear Evening/Night Driving Visibility

  • Prevents Heat-Soak & Early Damage to Interior

  • UV Cabin Heat Protection

  • 7-Year Quality Warranty and Installation Guarantee

  • 2-Hour Installation

★ LTA-Compliant Films Pass LTA inspections without worry
Our films are tested and proven with the largest range of options available.

★ULTRA Heat Reduction & I.R Rejection
Developed and Rigorously tested and in the USA and custom-developed for Asia’s searing heat and humid weather INFRATINT’s films are crafted with highly durable compound materials that has both excellent clarity and superior heat reduction qualities.

★Legally Compliant with Regulations
Our range of films are not just efficient in reducing the amount of heat in-cabin, they are also LTA-approved and will pass regular inspections.

Tint off Heat, Not Signals
Our films do not impact any existing devices. Transmittable to all road system devices including Fast-track, SmartTAG, ERP, etc.

★Short Installation Downtime
It usually takes less than 2 hours on average to complete your vehicle. Our team of specialists focuses their complete attention to a single area of your vehicle to ensure each area is done right and perfectly the first time.

Increase security and protect yourself and loved ones with our films in case of break-in or accidents. Our films reduce glass shattering in case of hard impacts and are scratch-resistant.

★Air-Conditioned Installation Bay
Reduces contamination and ensuring an ideal and perfect fit and finish.

★Superior Finishing
The superior adhesiveness and rust-free technology – coupled with professional installation cut off the possibility of oxidation, cracking and peeling.

★7-Year PEACE OF MIND Warranty
Our Platinum and PLATINUM99 Ceramic range of films carry a guarantee of 7 years. This warranty covers against blistering, Bubbling, Cracking, Delaminating, Fading, Discolouring, Peeling and De-metallization.

★Over 14 Years of Hands-On Experience

We have hands-on experience and insight from installations on over 25,000 vehicles in our 14-year history since 2004. Our team of in-house specialists has at least 7 years of working experience each.

– Subaru Eyesight Compatible

INFRATINT - Signature Craftsmanship

  • Quality Craftsmanship and Extreme Attention to Detail Comes First

  • We develop and use only the highest quality of films - and while it's not the cheapest option, we truly believe in using product that works, lasts for years in Singapore's tough climate and works extremely efficiently against heat

  • Focused and Specialized only in Window Films and  Installation - we do not do other services (e.g. car wrap etc)

  • Deep understanding and confident expertise of technical challenges when it comes to complex and sensitive installations (especially electronics modules in expensive vehicles) 

  • We take proactive precautionary measures and processes to protect your interior, trims and specific segments of your vehicle during installation

  • We have installed over 25,000 Vehicles, from Family MPVs, Commercial Vehicles to High-End Luxury Cars (costing in excess of 1.8m SGD) tinted in past 14 years

  • 8 Years SGCarMart 'Star Merchant' Winner for Window Film Category

  • We stand by our ethos and quality guarantee of after-installation support and resolving any issues that happens (within reasonable means)

  • Specialist Film Crew – min. 7 years experience each

  • Dedicated Sealed Air-Conditioned Installation Bays (2 Cars)

  • Fully monitored workplace for quality control and security

  • Film tint% Measurement Reading Available on Request

  • Sunroof Protection Service Available

  • Anti-Glare Protection Service Available

  • No Bait-and-Switch Tactics, No Wild Claims or Over-Promises

  • Hassle-Free LTA Inspection and Certification Concierge (upon request)

Two Car Sealed Installation Bay (Air - Conditioned)

Fully Monitored Premises - For Installation Quality Control and Security 

BOOKING REQUIRED - Call 9456-0888 / WhatsApp Live-Chat to schedule your installation slot today

LTA Approved & Compliant

PLATINUM and PLATINUM99 Series "CLEAR" versions available - Guaranteed to pass all regulatory requirements.

Extreme Clarity - Interior View

Viewing clarity is unaffected with our films - driving safety will never be compromised.

Sunroof Protection

Enhanced Privacy Options

PLATINUM and PLATINUM99 Series "DARK" versions are also available for enhanced Privacy.

Porsche Cayenne with PLATINUM99 Ceramic "DARK" Version

Aston Martin with PLATINUM99 Ceramic "DARK" Version

BMW 5 Series with PLATINUM99 Ceramic "DARK" Version

BMW 5 Series with PLATINUM99 Ceramic "DARK" Version

Bentley Continental GT with PLATINUM99 Ceramic "DARK" Version

Audi Q8 with PLATINUM99 Ceramic "DARK" Version

We cater to all of our customer's personal preferences and discretionary choices.

See more than 3,000 over vehicles on our Facebook Album.

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Vehicle Type:
Sunroof Installation Required?

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Some of our customer feedback from Facebook

Complete 6 Panel Installation Package


Simple, fast and effective flexible move


U.P $488 

  • 30~60% IRR
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • SUV/MPV +$50
  • Sunroof +$100~200
PLATINUM99 Ceramic



U.P $1088

  • 99% UV Protection
  • 80~99% IRR
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • SUV/MPV +$50
  • Sunroof +$100~200

* Not inclusive of Sunroof. 

*Rates listed applicable for Standard Sedan and 2-Door Luxury Sports Vehicles.

- Multi-People Movers (MPVs) and Station Wagons incur an additional $50 per package, due to additional material, panels and workmanship required.

Windscreen Installation Only

Front 3 Only

Front 2 Only

Sunroof Only


What are the differences between your packages? The difference between the 4 packages is the level of IRR, ( Infra-Red Rejection). Basically the higher the level of IRR%, the more the heat rejection capability of the film. With a higher IRR% figure, you will feel cooler and more comfortable. Please note that the IRR% got nothing to do with the tint level (light or dark) before or after installation.

What are your Warranty Policies? We offer 2-7 years depending on the film package(See above). While unlikely, if a bubble(s) or any other defect ever appears during the warranty period you can come in for free immediate rectification by our film specialist team.

How long can I not wind down my windows after installation? You should not wind down your windows for at least 48 hours to allow the liquid and adhesive to dry completely.

How does brand X compare to your INFRATINT range? Our company policy does not permit us to comment on other brand's products.  So far most of our customers feel that our product serve its specific purpose and they like our workmanship and details. That said, it's best you come by our work space to check out the film and heat rejection in-person and decide if that's the ideal solution for your car. We've installed our film on thousands of cars mainly from customer recommendations and referrals. 

What is Visible Light Transmission (VLT)? VLT ( Visible Light Transmission) is used as a metric to determine how much light able to pass through the windows. IRR ( Infra Red Rejection) is used as a guide to the level of heat rejection. The higher the IRR% the cooler and more comfortable you will feel in the cabin.

How long is the installation downtime? Typically 2 hours or less (if there is an available free slot). It's good if you can call us 6684-5330 or 9456-0888 in advance first! 

Do you do car film wrapping or headlight tinting? No, we focus purely on window tinting and installation. 

Infratint Location & Map

32 Old Toh Tuck Rd, #01-10 Ibiz Centre, Singapore 597658 (Google Map)
Operating hours: Monday to Saturdays 10am to 6pm

Sundays Off

Phone6684-5330 or 9456-0888


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BOOKING REQUIRED - Call 9456-0888 / WhatsApp Live-Chat to schedule your installation slot today.